Licenses and core activities

Allowed core activities:

  1. management of the investments made into the fund;
  2. risk management.

Allowed non-core services:

    1. administrative management of the fund which comprises the following activities:
      • management of the legal matters and accounting of the fund;
      • provision of information on the request of the investors of the fund;
      • determination of the value of the fund and of the investment unit (share) price;
      • monitoring of the compliance with the regulatory requirements applicable to the operation of the fund;
      • distribution of the profits of the fund,
      • issuing and redemption of investment units (shares);
      • settlement of contractual payments;
      • maintaining of the accounting records in respect of the transactions related to the assets of the fund;
      • maintaining the register of the investment unit (share) holders of the fund;
    2. marketing of investment units (shares);
    3. the necessary activities related to the management of the assets of the fund, which comprise the management of infrastructure and immovable property, advice on the capital structure, industry strategy and similar matters provided to companies, advice and services in respect of mergers and acquisitions as well as other activities related to the management of those funds, companies and other assets into which the manager has made investments.

    Funds under management:

    Closed-end alternative investment fund “Baltic Forestland Fund I” registered by the Latvian Financial and Capital Market Commission on 5 July 2017.